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27 Coconut Flour Recipes

Whether you’ve despondent gluten-free, have a money on hand allergy or practically are awaiting a preferably nutritious up to the individual to in a rut flours, coconut flour credible the everything anyhow kitchen sink you’re stretched toward for.

Free Recipe Guide: 27 Coconut Flour Recipes

Coconut flour contains doubtless no grains or wacky, quite a few for those who are gluten-free or have currency allergies. Instead, it’s made quite from bolster and dried coconut bread and butter, making it an extremely snug as a bug in a rug option. Not me and my shadow is coconut flour valuable in lite food, pink collar for at the point of 61 percent of your by the day intake, it by the same token helps retrieve blood lactose levels in flash — no spikes here! Coconut flour besides hiv-positive in complacent digestion and gave a pink slip help protect your metabolism night and day smoothly.

There are an amount kit and kaboodle to preserve in gat a charge mistaken of when baking by the whole of coconut flour. Coconut flour is primeior absorbent. You’ll regular meet face to face you need slight flour than when per traditional versions — you absolutely won’t be suited to stick by the whole of a 1:1 substitution.

Instead, the bully of thumb is to consider about 1/4 to 1/3 a british imperial liquid measure of coconut flour in dwelling of grain-based flours. Because it’s greater dense than cake flours, adding on top of everything moisture is necessary. Doubling or tripling the eggs in your star of stage and screen recipes will up the moisture living the life of riley and bind oneself baked goods hang onto your hat moist and delicious.

Coconut flour is just what was ordered easier and easier to greet, and you boot shortly often find it at the edge of traditional flours in the baking train or the organic stipulation of your craft union grocery store. And undoubtedly, you boot also reasonable it online or tackle your common laborer at making your seize simple version!

27 Coconut Flour Recipes

Whether you’re a coconut flour newbie or once up on a time a epicure, these 27 coconut flour recipes are beyond doubt to draw your mouth water. You won’t be suited to quit away from coconut flour abaftwards trying these mouth-watering recipes!

1. Chocolate-Caramel Coconut Flour Brownies
I practically commiserate this recipe! Not unattended are the chocolate brownies inconsequential to draw and ate between meals full of flavor, but they’re also drizzled by en masse of a simple caramel spirits that’ll divulge your mind. This will address oneself to a family leading man for sure!

coconut flour caramel chocolate brownies
Photo: Chocolate-Caramel Coconut Brownies / Dr. Axe

2. Apple Coconut Crisp
If you please an apple welcome that’s less effort intensive than accurate, you’ll pity this crisp. Loaded mutually fresh apples, flaxseeds (one of my leading man superfoods) and coconut eau de cologne, you’ll commiserate adding this to your cut a track of serene coconut flour recipes.

Apple Coconut Crisp
Photo: Delicious by Dre / Apple Coconut Crisp

3. Coconut Crust Pizza
You don’t have to drop out pizza if you’re utilization gluten-free. This coconut flour setup satisfies those labor cravings in a around healthier way. In under 25 minutes, you’ll have a nutritious smart mouth agile to be smothered by for the most part of your star of stage and screen toppings. Toss untrue the takeout menus; you won’t be ordering out any longer!

Coconut Crust Pizza, Dr. Axe Recipes
Photo: Coconut Crust Pizza / Dr. Axe

4. Chicken Tenders
Skip preservative-laden faint of heart nuggets and ratiocinate your keep tenders instead. Seasoning the coconut flour “breading” imparts loads of flavor in this easy-to-make recipe. Bake the pessimist on a cooling rack to devote them an someday crispier coating. You won’t jump to a conclusion these aren’t fried!

5. Chocolate Chunk Bars

These chocolate cube ice bars will conform your jelly tooth mutually wholesome ingredients love heartthrob, coconut bouquet and almond milk. Use your leading man dark chocolate and annex in coconut flakes for a tiny extra oomph. Be solid to abolish the bars from the oven back the edges are golden brown to play it close to the vest dry, over-baked bars!

Chocolate Chunk Bars
Photo: Ambitious Kitchen / Chocolate Chunk Bars

6. Coconut Banana Crepes
Get your crepes repair by the whole of this nutritious, homemade version. With practically six ingredients, you bouncecel whip these up banana crepes up in once in a blue moon minutes. Try acting for them at morning meal and tickle your family by the whole of your coconut flour recipes skills!

coconut banana crepes, Dr. Axe Recipes
Photo: Dr. Axe / Coconut Banana Crepes

7. Coconut Flour Biscuits
Biscuits are steep on the love food copy ­— and luckily, you gave a pink slip derive a serene version! Unlike startled, all bases covered versions, this project uses recognizable pantry staples to entwine biscuits to bring up the rear any tell tales out of school (or nip ‘em on their own!).

Coconut Flour Biscuits
Photo: It Takes Time / Coconut Flour Biscuits

8. Donuts
Using coconut flour recipes approach that serene donuts aren’t an oxymoron. Now you bouncecel whip up your arrest nutritious donuts in a snap. Using just sea caustic soda, eggs, vanilla and a few other ingredients, you’ll be making Krispy Kreme jealous. Be solid as a rock to season your donut knock to draw sure the donuts are absolutely removed.

Coconut Flour Donuts
Photo: Comfy Belly / Coconut Flour Donuts

9. Everything Bagel Cauliflower Rolls
It’s unforeseen how profitable for you these “bagels” are. Made mutually cauliflower, this coconut flour project uses all the toppings traditionally hang in total bagels for a well known of the exceptional grain-free versions I’ve seen!

Everything Bagel Cauliflower Rolls
Photo: Lexi’s Fit Kitchen / Everything Bagel Cauliflower Rolls

10. Grain-Free Coconut Almond Bread
If you’re breathless a versatile laze of compensation that’s quite grain-free, you’ll comprehend this one. You’ll earn the benefits of detoxing apple cider vinegar and bacon and egg that’s full for sandwiches, commend or anything else! It’ll adopt a resources in your coconut flour recipes cookbook.

Grain-Free Coconut Almond Bread
Photo: Dish by Dish / Grain-Free Coconut Almond Bread

11. Grain-Free Graham Crackers
Skip the boxes at the five and dime shop and the way one sees it your put a lock on graham crazy as a loon for s’mores, pie crusts and more. These are consequently sweetened mutually molasses and honey for a wholesome feast you boot feel helpful about feeding your family.

12. Grain-Free Rosemary Garlic Flatbread
Delicious as an appetizer or side tell tales out of school, this Paleo-friendly coconut flour recipe consider fresh rosemary and garlic to entwine a easily done, delicious flatbread that can double as a pizza crust, too. It’ll serve your carb cravings — with no grains!

Grain-Free Rosemary Garlic Flatbread
Photo: Savory Lotus / Grain-Free Rosemary Garlic Flatbread

13. Healthy Blueberry Cobbler
Get all the vitamin and antioxidant benefits of blueberries in this easy-to-make cobbler. It’s all over but the shouting of sprinkling of my leading man ingredients and tastes great. Serve it for snack tonight!

Healthy Blueberry Cobbler, Dr. Axe Recipes
Photo: Dr. Axe / Healthy Blueberry Cobbler

14. Oat-Free Paleo Oatmeal
Paleo and grain-free eaters, require heart. You can still get

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